The Rock & a Holy Place Podcast

with Sheila Adkins and Grace Kelley

When the hammer of suffering keeps falling it can feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place; but what if that rock actually holds within it a means of provision? What if that hard place is actually holy?

On The Rock and a Holy Place Podcast Sheila Adkins and Grace Kelley engage in meaningful conversations with each other, and guests, in an effort to explore what it means to see suffering as a place where God is not only present, but active. Sheila and Grace wholeheartedly believe that God is able to use evenly deeply painful suffering for our greatest good and for His Ultimate glory—and they want to share the hope they’ve found with you.

Sometimes you get to do really cool things with your dear friends.


#15: Season One Finale! The Rock and a Holy Place Podcast

It's the final episode of our first season! For this special episode we decided to interview our husbands on their reactions to our first season of podcasting. We had a lot of fun during this conversation and what you'll hear is a conversation between four friends. Enjoy!
  1. #15: Season One Finale!
  2. #14: Living into the Unknown
  3. #13: The Reality of Evil in Suffering
  4. #12: When Good People Suffer
  5. #11: A Safe Place to Cast Our Cares