Scattered: Free Ebook

Sometimes life just feels heavy.

Like a giant boulder is sitting on your chest, it can feel hard to breathe; let alone to stand and plant seeds of hope for the future. I know how hard it is Dear Reader, believe me, I do. And that’s why I wrote this ebook; Scattered: seven days to hope in the midst of hardship. It’s a 30 page ebook, all about planting seeds of hope, even (and especially) in the midst of hardship and suffering.

And because my highest hope for this work is that it would bless you, for limited time you can get it for ABSOLUTELY FREE, just for subscribing to my email list. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE.

Inside you will find:

-Seven days of my own stories of discovering hope in the midst of hardship

-Suggested scripture readings

-Thoughtful reflection questions to help you sow seeds of hope for yourself; no matter what season you are walking through

Think of this as your seed packet full of hopes. Shake it close to your ear and you can almost hear the sounds of fruit growing out of what may now seem dead, but is actually just waiting for the resurrection life.

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