Essay and Poetry Compilation Piece Entitled “The Breath Between” thoughts on watching those we love, live and die in a broken world.

Issue 34: FEAR Published March 2020

Article “Splendor: Glimpses of God’s Glory in our Suffering” (Surrender Issue Summer 2019)

Poem “Soot & Soil” (Cultivate Issue Fall 2019)

Poem “The Ascent” (Redeem Issue Spring 2020)


Be Still: Leaning into God when Everything Falls Apart

“Everyone has their measure of “hard,” whether that’s devastating loss, failing health, broken dreams, difficult relationships, or the everyday struggle of dirty dishes piled high.

Hard is hard. But some seasons hang heavier than others.

Often in those moments, our instinct is not to rest, but to keep moving—to power through, deny, or ignore the hurt that’s threatening our hearts. But what would happen if we simply took a seat? What if grace, joy, and hope aren’t waiting on the other side of pain, but available here and now?

Be Still: Leaning into God When Everything Falls Apart is an invitation to find quiet, soulful rest exactly where you are. This thirty-day devotional is written by women familiar with life’s messiness, for women who long to “be still and know” (Ps. 46:10), even in the midst of struggle.”

It was my honor to contribute two devotionals for this lovely 30 day devotional compiled at edited by my friend Sarah E. Westfall. (You can find her website here.)

You can purchase your e-book or paperback copy by clicking here.