Letters to the Wilderness Wanderer

Whether you are walking through an especially difficult season of suffering, or just walking through the mundane aches and pains of life lived in a fallen world—this letter is for you.

We are wanderers in this wilderness so often; and it can feel like we are drifting and directionless, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We follow the God who leads by pillars of fire and pillars of cloud. Who brings water from the rock in the desert for the thirsty, and rains down bread from heaven for the hungry.

He is the God of all who wander—never leaving us purposeless or directionless through the difficulties of life, but leading us always to our truest home.

Letters to the Wilderness Wanderer is a periodic letter for my email subscribers—as I am entering a season that is demanding a lot of me, (giving birth to TWINS sometime in the next two months!) I want to make sure to give my first fruits to those who have shown they really want to hear from me, so in lieu of posting blog posts at this time, I will be sending out this candid and vulnerable letter once every month or two.

This letter may include a range of things, from short reflections, to poems. Always I will be sure to include links to the most recent episodes of the podcast, and any publications you may have missed in this space or other places around the web. And occasionally there may even be extra resources I create to help you along your own wilderness journey.

I have so many dreams of things to create for you in this space, and some of them are still seeds just lying in wait in the dark. But I hope that together we can create a place of meaningful connection for one another, as we hold space for the aches of our own wilderness journeys, even as we hold onto the hope of our final eternal destination.

Would you like to join me?

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