Letters to the Brokenhearted

Sometimes I have wished for a broken leg. A broken head. A broken arm, instead of a broken heart. Something that would make my pain visible to the naked eye. Maybe then someone would understand.

The invisible pains are the hardest to deal with. Sometimes it feels like not only do you have to justify the pain to other people, but you have to justify it to yourself. I know friend. I’ve been there.

But here is the really, really good news. God sees. You are not invisible. In fact, God even sees the broken parts of your heart that you yourself refuse to acknowledge. There is no part of you that is outside of his understanding or His perfect perspective.

He knows every wrong every committed against you, even as he knows every wrong that you yourself have committed.

The truth I want to remind you of today, is that even in the midst of whatever heartbreak you are facing; whether it is grief over losing a loved one, pain at the end of a relationship, or the heavy disappointment of living through painful seasons of life that you never expected—there is hope for your hurting heart. You are not alone. You are not invisible. And the God who knows every hair on your precious head, knows every ache of your broken heart as well.

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From one broken heart to another; you are not alone.

You are seen. You are held. You are loved more than you will ever know.


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