If you need someone to kneel down in the dirt with you—

Dear Reader, you look so tired.

I know it can’t be easy— bearing the burdens you bear.

Maybe you feel lost in the wilderness.

Maybe it feels like there’s nothing for you here. But there is.

I wish I could cup your face in my dirt covered hands, and tell you that I know. I know how it hurts.

I know how dark the nights feel sometimes; how the light of day feels like barely enough to see by.

I wish I could pour you a cup of hot tea, and listen to your story. And then, together, we’d walk this well-beaten path to the foot of the cross.

I’d show you that there is a river in this valley, and where there is living water, there is always hope. I’d show you that it’s okay to plant seeds of hope, even here. Even as we sojourn and long for our eternal home and the making new of all things; God still has something for us here. In this place. He isn’t finished with us yet.

I can’t tell you how it will all work out, but I can tell you Who will work it out.

I believe in a God of Redemption. And not from an etherial, theological, cloud. I know it down here in the dirt. In the valley of the shadow of death.

God works all things for the good of those who love him, (Romans 8:28).

Even when it’s impossible to fathom. (And it so often is impossible to fathom isn’t it? ) I have seen him do it before, and I’ll see him do it again.

If you need someone to kneel in the dirt with you, to help you scatter those seeds of hope, I’d be honored to be a part of your story too. Just click here to get your free download; a 30 page printable Ebook that I wrote just for you called Scattered: Seven days to hope in the midst of hardship.

Inside you will find:

-Seven days of my own stories of discovering hope in the midst of hardship

-Suggested scripture readings

-Thoughtful reflection questions to help you sow seeds of hope for yourself; no matter what season you are walking through

Think of this as your seed packet full of resurrection hopes.

I pray that God will use these small words to help bind up your broken heart—to help you paint a hopeful vision of a life filled to the brim with good things. Water in the wilderness. Myrtle and olive in the desert. Our waste places turned to the very garden of the Lord.

Thanks for being here. I hope these words bless you to read as much as they bless me to write.

By His grace and for His glory,


Do you need someone to kneel down in the dirt with you?

What Others are saying about Scattered:

Scattered offers a redemptive vision that will both inspire and challenge the reader. A tender harvest of hope-filled insights, it dares us to hope that in our pain, we can all find purpose and peace.” 

—Laura Albritton

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