Grace Kelley

Writer, Freelance Editor, Creative Content Developer

  • Content Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Content Development Consulting


Whether you need help with a book chapter, an article, or a poem—Grace Kelley can help. With a degree in Creative Writing and a double emphasis in poetry and creative non-fiction, Grace loves helping other writers fine tune their voice, their angle, their word choice etc in both creative non-fiction and poetry projects. As a passionate reader (and writer) of fiction she also enjoys helping think through problems of plot, structure, dialogue, characterization etc. as it pertains to fiction projects both long form and short. Looking to submit your poem, article, or manuscript, but need another set of eyes on your project to really make it shine? Reach out to Grace Kelley via her contact link for current availability and pricing for your particular project.


Grace specializes in helping people tell their stories in a creative and meaningful way that will connect with their target reader or audience. She especially loves helping people running non-profit organizations get their message out to potential donors, as well as companies that put an emphasis on ethical and fair trade relationships with their consumers as well as their employees. As a devoted foodie, she also really enjoys working with people in the community agriculture and restaurant sphere. Whether your project is large and highly visible, or meant for smaller, more intimate usage, contact Grace and see what she can offer you.


Do you have an idea for a creative project, but need someone to help you refine your vision? Do you want to launch a course, a workshop or plan a weekend retreat, but need someone to help you develop you idea in a way that is consistent with your vision and your gifting? Grace offers 30 minute creative content development sessions in order to help you with your next big idea.