FREE DOWNLOAD: 5 Steps to Cultivating One (new) Fruitful Habit

Do you want to move towards a life of more fruit and freedom? Do you want to be using your gifts for the Kingdom of God, but aren’t sure where to start? Do you want to be a good steward of your time, talent and treasure, but you feel like you keep banging your head against a wall?

Maybe it’s something as simple as trying to find time to read your Bible everyday, to pray more, or to do something that inspires you to worship. Maybe it’s something like taking care of your body, going to bed earlier, or learning to be more diligent and self-disciplined in the home or in your workplace. Maybe you struggle to stay on budget, or you keep forgetting to touch base with your spouse about administrative things. Maybe you need help learning how to clean your house consistently, or even just finding the motivation to get the dishes done.

Large or small, all these daily things are what make up the moments of our life. If you want to walk in greater freedom and fruitfulness, if you want to know you are spending your time with intention, but aren’t sure where to start, I have good news for you. Looking at the whole scope of your life can feel daunting, but each piece of the puzzle is made up of daily habits. These could be habits of things you DO regularly, (like make coffee) or things you DON’T DO regularly (look at the budget before you go shopping). Whatever your action or inaction, that is your habit. To start to make a shift in one of these areas, you need to start by making ONE small new habit.

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Consider this a short habit forming jump start. It will help you think through what habit you might want to form, where to start, and practical tools to help you overcome lack of motivation and to increase your self-discipline. I promise it’s short, sweet and you could probably think through the whole thing in less than thirty minutes.

And what’s half an hour of your time, if you could start your new habit today?

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