Dear Reader


Dear Reader, my name is Grace Kelley, and if there’s one thing I really want you to know today it is that the God of the Universe loves you to death and back again. This is the Good News of the gospel, the best news, and if you haven’t heard it before, I wanted to make sure you heard it today.

You can call me Grace or Gracie, I like both. I am a follower of Jesus, a wife, a mother, a writer and a homemaker. I’m a foodie and have a bit of a green thumb; in fact I’m pretty sure pulling weeds and picking things are my happy place. That and making jam.

We live in a small house (not tiny, just small) in sunny Colorado; and I call it our 1,000 sq feet of heaven. I love spending time with my two little kiddos Ellie(4) and Boaz (2), working outside in my garden, sharing a cup of tea with a friend, reading, and of course, writing.

Another things you ought to know about me, I’m a bit of an old soul, and I’ve always struggled with the role that technology must play in the life of the modern writer, but I’m learning to embrace this white space on the internet as a place of enormous opportunity to connect with people from all over globe. To share with people I might never have the chance to meet in real life. To be purposeful about these loaves and fishes God has entrusted to me, and to share them with you Dear Reader. Wherever you are.

So, if you are reading this, I hope you find a little rest for your weary heart in this space. May it be for you a place to slow down, cease all your striving and just be still before your Creator God, knowing that He who upholds the stars by the Word of His Power, is also upholding you.

Resting in Him,

Grace Kelley

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