About Grace

Grace with her husband and five adorable children—August 2021.


Grace is a wife, mom of five, and passionate creative. She believes that everyone is gifted, and wants to help others in passion filled businesses share their gifts with the world. Whether you are launching an online service based business, or a brick-and-mortar location, Grace has the skills to help your business grow through creative and authentic written communication. With a degree in Creative Writing and several years of experience with copywriting, content creation, and social media marketing, Grace has become skilled in helping businesses tell their stories and communicate the way their passions connect with the needs and desires of their ideal consumer.


Copy Writing

Grace specializes in helping businesses and non-profits tell their stories in a creative and meaningful way that will connect with their target audience. Whether you need copy writing for an email campaign, a website, or social media posts—Grace can help you by capturing the voice and passion of your business and translating it into meaningful calls to action for your target audience.

Content Writing

Content is an incredible way to both serve your existing clientele, as well as garner new interest in your business. Looking to start a blog, host feature articles, or create a newsletter for your business? Grace Kelley can help! Grace has experience creating content for in the fields of agriculture, food and dining, landscape design, and health and wellness—but she also always treasures the opportunity to learn something new.

Content Editing

Prefer to write your own content, but just need a someone to help fine-tune your website, email, or social media posts? Grace Kelley also offers content editing packages which can help you present yourself in a polished and professional way, with less expense.

Creative Consulting

Do you have an idea for a creative project, but need someone to help you refine your vision? Do you want to launch a course, a workshop or plan a weekend retreat, but need someone to help you develop you idea in a way that is consistent with your vision and your gifting? Do you want to grow your business, but need help identifying your ideal client or audience? A Creative Consulting Session with Grace Kelley can help you find the clarity you need to keep your passion moving forward.

Let’s make something together.

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