TGIF: Sharing is Caring

Hello lovely Readers. It’s Friday again, and I am so thankful to be drinking my second cup of coffee and sitting here at a lovely coffee shop enjoying the Colorado sunshine through the window.

It’s been a doozie of a week, and God full on wrecked me yesterday. Ugly cry, all the snot and tears…and it was humbling. And exactly what I’ve probably needed for awhile. So I thought I’d share with you all a few of the things that struck me right where I needed it yesterday in addition to my usual Friday shares.

Words from a favorite writer that hit me right where I needed it:

“God gives grace and acceptance before we break our sin. Because it’s His grace and acceptance that enable you to break sin. You never have to overcome your brokenness to claim God’s love. His love has already overcome your brokenness and claimed you.

-Ann Voskamp, The Broken Way (104)

A song that popped up on my artist radio at just the right moment:

Two beautiful posts by fellow Hope*Writers:

The Shadow-At the Picket Fence by Vanessa Hunt: For when you find yourself trying to be God instead of simply resting in His shadow.


Let your Heart Grieve the Good Stuff by The Slow Artisan Jeana Saeedi : A reminder that its okay to let your heart grieve in transitions, even when there is good in them.



I hope you all have a beautifully happy Friday! I myself am looking forward to a women’s retreat with my church, and then another retreat for my writing next week! I’m hopeful for what God has in store, as he continues to humble my pride, and renew my spirit with His strength.

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