TGIF: Sharing is Caring

Somehow, even with one less day, this week has felt so long…anyone else with me?

I need some pep to reinvigorate me for the weekend ahead. We’ll be celebrating my husband’s birthday and my son’s birthday with family tomorrow, and I have promised him peanut butter pie…(my own secret recipe that I only make for his birthday and very select special occasions), and of course there will be grilling because Colorado doesn’t know that it’s September yet, and while the nights have been slowing getting cooler, the days are still making it hot enough in the house that I don’t really want to cook inside.

So if you need a little pep for your weekend, here you go. Let us walk boldly and bravely into whatever we face this weekend; the good, the bad, the hard and the holy.

Is this it? Learning to thrive when life is hard

Is this It? Learning to Thrive when life is hard  

Niki Hardy gets it. She lost a mother and a sister to cancer and then was diagnosed herself. She’s starting a series and has a giveaway tool kit for anyone who wants to Thrive and not just Survive in hard seasons. I can’t wait to check it out!

Is Hope Really Real?

Sarah writes about the intersection of Sorrow and Hope, and let me tell you, this blog post was good for my soul today. Read and be encouraged. The hope God gives us, is always rooted in something real.

And because music is good for the soul; a song I’ve been loving recently by J.J. Heller.

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