The first thing I heard this morning was bird song. In the dark of the early morning, in the dark of our bedroom, the song of hope infiltrating everything.

“Light is coming.” They say, “We know it. In our hallowed out bones we know it. Rejoice! Rejoice! Light is coming!”

The birds are like sentries of new mercies. They wait for it. They look for it. They know it is coming before the first rays of light even begin to break over the horizon. It’s not all that often that my faith is strong enough to rejoice in the darkest hours before the dawn. Sometimes I’m blinded by my own jadedness at times. Seeing the light beginning to break over the horizon, but thinking that maybe it’s all in my head, or that the sun might be snatched right out of the sky before my eyes if I look at it too hard. Sometimes I treat the sunrise with undue suspicion.

We are closing on our house today. And its a wonderful, wonderful little house. Just what we were wanting. Just where we were wanting it. We are thrilled beyond belief. But in the midst of a season that has been rife with so many challenges, I have almost had a hard time believing that it’s even happening. It’s all seemed “too easy” in a season where nothing has been easy or gone smoothly.

But here we are, closing day, and everything is in place. And the little voice that has been whispering in my head the last month is saying, “See? I am a good Father who gives good gifts. Can’t I give a good gift to you just because I want to? Not everything always has to be SO hard. Sometimes the gifts are just unexpected, lavish and completely out of the blue from my heart to yours.”

Still, I’ve been afraid to hope. Afraid to rejoice. Afraid that somehow it’ll all fall apart. But even though God oftentimes lets the wheels fall off so we will press into his grace, other times he showers us in abundance just because he wants to. Just because he can. Just because he loves us.

So here I am today, rejoicing. Excited for what God has for us in this new season of moving and down sizing and rearranging. Excited to be closer to our church group members, and to live in a peaceful corner of the world. Excited to start over in new ways as a family, to be intentional with our time and money and the things we choose to keep in our house. Excited to spend less time cleaning and more with my kids! *WOOT WOOT!* Excited to be freed up to do more of what really matters to me. And hopefully, more writing. 😉

Blessings on you all this Wednesday. If you are in a season of joy, REJOICE! God loves to pour out his blessings on you. If you are in a season of suffering as I have been, REJOICE! Because the sun is coming up, and God will meet you with birdsong in the dark before the dawn.

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