Soul Struggle Soundtrack

Hey all. Thank you so much for your positive feed back yesterday. For those of you like me who are going through hard things right now, I wanted to post a few of the songs that have helped us through. These songs have walked us through some of our darkest moments in the past three weeks. Now more than ever I know how good music is for my soul. Like modern day Psalms, they acknowledge us in our most wounded places, and teach us to rejoice even still.

Enjoy. And may you know the peace of Christ that surpasses all circumstances today.

2 thoughts on “Soul Struggle Soundtrack

  1. Beth Branch

    I’m sorry you are struggling, Gracie. Last month was a really tough one for me as well. I can’t begin to tell you the number of mornings I sat in “my spot,” a rocking chair in my front room overlooking the bird feeder where the morning sun poured in. The warmth on my legs, God’s creation in front of me and yes, a playlist that comforted my soul. Some days it was the only way I could soak up the sun/Son. I was so thankful for Him, for my spot, and for His continued faithfulness as He carried me through yet another tough journey. Praise God, He never tires of carrying me!

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