I feel like I’m on the edge of something. Like I’m standing with my toes curled over the edge of a cliff I’m about to jump off. Like the breeze blowing in my face at this coffee shop is about to push me over the edge into something wonderful.

Seasons change. Not just in our world of sky and grass; but in our lives. A new baby. A new age. A new school.  A new job. A new house. A new friend. A new purpose. A new heart. A new opportunity to do something you love.

Jesus is all about loving us where we are, and simultaneously moving us to where we should be. He leads us through fires, valleys, rivers and pastures. Each scene marking us; affecting us. Doing what God intends for it to do. Changing us. Sanctifying us.

Our journeys all look different. Of course that in itself is a blessing and a challenge. It’s so hard not to compare and compete. To let each of our stories be exactly what God is writing them to be.

A few things are clicking into place as far as my writing goes. A couple projects are now simultaneously underway. I’m working at a coffee shop right now because a sweet gal in our life group is watching my kids for a few hours. (YES!) And I’m teaming up with my best friend to work on a project that has been in both of our hearts for awhile. It’s so new and exciting. I don’t know exactly where I’m headed; but I feel like God is busy making a way through the wilderness. I know he is going to lead me step by step, even though I can hardly see the first step in front of me right now.

To all of you standing on the precipice of something new; be it challenging or joyful or possibly even both; remember that God will meet you. He knows what your heart needs even more than you do; and he has the power to meet those needs in ways that no one else could possibly hope to.


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