I’ve been dealing with heavy bouts of impostor syndrome. The voice in my head saying, “You can’t write. Look at you! Every sentence you put out there is garbage! You don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t have anything to say…” And it goes on and on.

I started two different blog posts for you in the last week, but neither is worth publishing yet. I’m trying to write, but it’s a halting start and stop process right now.

Basically this post is just a list of excuses. So here I am, telling you the truth; that writing is hard. That finding the time let alone the motivation to do it at all is hard. That even when both those two things collide sometimes it still feels like I’m slamming my head against a brick wall.

It will come. Hang with me. Even though I make the lamest excuses.

One thought on “Excuses

  1. Amie

    I love your honesty, Gracie. It is so refreshing even in that you want to write but it doesn’t quite come together. Trust Jesus to own the “tip of your pen” that they are His words and not yours. Love ya!

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