She laughs—a poem

If you have ever been afraid; this one is for you.

“Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.” Proverbs 31:25


She laughs—


wild, into the face of the wind,

facing faceless circumstances

choices & chances,

Unknown with a capital ‘U’.


She laughs—

pouring out of her smiling lips

like a roar




falling over rugged stones & tumbling steep—

rocky wilderness cradling her like a blanket.


She feels it; from her littlest toe,

to the last wind whipped wisp of her graying head—


—the Power.


hers, but not hers.

felt within, but not conceived—

her fragile soul

empowered by Someone Greater




tenderness is—



guarded by ultimate power,

trusting in ultimate benevolence,

held by an ultimate love.


If the King of the Universe loved you to Death—

The Self-existent I AM breathing life into your faint & fragile existence—


You look to her in wonder—

wonder where she came from

where she’s going—

Is she mad?


what wind moves her

through the forest and the valleys of so many shadows & death—

some not even her own?


She looks with piercing eyes

painfully at peace:


“Give the Glory where it’s due,” she says.

“He raises the Dead.”

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