A trip to the Library

It’s nap time and I’ve got a cup of steaming earl grey tea and am watching the snow flakes fall. They’re so big you can almost hear them falling softly to the ground.

We did one too many things this morning; a quick stop in the grocery store, a visit to the chiropractor and then a trip to the library. A well meaning librarian invited us in for a juggling show, but I wasn’t too keen on it because I knew that B would get restless in a matter of moments if I was confining him in any way; and the other alternative of course was to let him walk right up to the juggler and try and take one of the colorful balls out of her hands…

So we ended up in the back of the room, rather hastily, but I let E watch for a couple minutes while I wrestled a snail, and did you know that it’s way harder to hold on to a child who is wearing a puffy jacket? Especially if you are also wearing one. Never mind trying to balance said child on your hip while on your way into the library; the fabric lets the child slip almost right off your hip, so you have to work doubly hard to keep that child up, meanwhile carrying your purse, the diaper bag and trying to convince your toddler to hold more than ONE of your fingers while crossing the street. And even though by the time you make it to the side walk the toddler is only holding two fingers, (I mean, it’s sweet relief when you compare it to the pain of ONE of your fingers being pulled out of its socket by a surprisingly intense grip) and the other child has slipped so far down out of your arms he looks like a naked belly with dangling legs and puffy arms above his head, EVEN through all of this, you are still excited to pick up your hold items and return the Christmas books that you’ve been renewing the past 3 weeks, even though you pretty much stopped reading them all a week after checking them out.

But then you get roped into this juggling show by the sweet librarian and you wish that you were just at HOME where you could let this kid run around like the mad man that he is, since of course YOU KNEW the environment of the library was going to be a bit of stretch for him any ways.

I think the highest number of pages I have every been able to read to him is 3.

SO we watched 5 minutes of the juggling show, and took advantage of the applause to make our escape, and we thanked God when we finally make it to the children’s section and the reading room with all the toys for the crazy boy.

By the time 11:30 rolled around I felt like death and announced that in 10 minutes we would be going home. And five minutes later I started cleaning up because of course, I have  THE GREAT UN-CLEANER following in my wake. And we got on coats and got out the library door and I had at least one arm in my sleeve, and then we repeated the crossing the street ritual and by the time we got to the car I was hungry and didn’t have much patience left for the toddler refusing to get into her car seat because of a few errant snow flakes. But we made it. Got them strapped in, and drove on home in the snow, and boy I have never been so glad to be sitting in this wing back chair by the fire place, with the snow falling where I can observe and appreciate it without the toddler screaming an explanation of her newfound knowledge that snow melts to water, so her car seat would obviously become wet soon, and of course that would be the gravest of tragedies.

Plus, one of the books I had on hold at the library was Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson’s book Desperate: Hope for the Mom who needs to breathe, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a bit life changing. The first chapter was excellent, all about how our ideals change once we actually become mothers.

I know that was certainly true for me! I think before I started all this I was pretty convinced that being a Mom wasn’t THAT hard. ;p How faithful the LORD has been to humble me in this area over the past three years! Now I know that not even a trip to the library is easy with little people around. But at least there were a few other Moms there that were struggling to make it out with all their children in the right amount of winter clothing. We mentally high-fived on our way out.

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