Prepare with Joy

Tonight we are hosting our Life Group Christmas Party. We had been planning on doing it later in the month, but as it became clear that several people would be out of town later in the month we decided to move it up a bit.

So today I don’t really feel like I have time to be typing this. I don’t feel like I have time to do anything but clean and prepare for our guests tonight. The temptation to become completely overwrought and frazzled has been pounding at my door since yesterday morning.

But preparing for this party, I realized this morning, is a microcasm of preparing for Christmas. Preparing for the coming of the King, or even simply the celebration and remembrance of his coming, should be a preparation filled with joy.

Yes there is work involved; but there is something wonderful coming, which is why we work. We prepare.

So today, instead of becoming a complete stress ball as is my habit, I’m going to try and prepare with Joy. Knowing that God loves me. Knowing that no matter how things turn out tonight, he is pleased with me. Knowing that my preparations serves his church, and therefore, serves him.

And let us all go about our Christmas preparations with Joy.

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