My Sufficiency

I forgot to write yesterday. The day was full of blinds installations, a furnace inspection and me feeling like an invalid with a terrible pain in my neck and shoulders that even the chiropractor couldn’t seem to get out.

Now, It’s a beautiful 6:30 in the morning and though my neck still hurts, I don’t feel like a chicken with my neck stuck forwards anymore and the coffee is brewing and my husband is outside shoveling the few inches of snow that fell overnight.

I’m feeling thankful. God has been showing me things this week. Relationships are being built and rebuilt. My own heart is being humbled by my own sinful condition and at the same moment, ferociously loved. “My grace is sufficient for you.” He speaks again.

And I need that grace more than anything just to get me through this week. It all just feels like too much; and too many things are overlapping in the schedule and too many days are filled with activities that I can’t change now, and in the meantime I have to figure out how to keep my son from climbing on everything in sight and getting into everything he knows he’s not supposed to be into. The weight of my own expectations and the perceived expectations of others can be crushing sometimes.

But his grace is sufficient…is weakness. His power is made perfect in weakness.

So here I am God; burnt out, exhausted with a literal pain in my neck. I have a house to clean today, food to prepare today, hearts to attentively listen to today. I have children who need love and discipline today. A husband who I feel like I’ve neglected at the end of the recent days. And the snow is still coming down, though I love it, I might hate having to shovel.

Be my sufficiency Jesus. It’s only Wednesday.

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