Walk by the Spirit

I almost went today without writing. And now, I’m really not sure what to say. My son turns 15 months tomorrow. Tomorrow starts another hectic week; but hopefully not too hectic. I’m trying to look for the quiet moments in between all the crazy ones. We’re trying to slow this advent down and breathe in the moments of anticipation. But still, somehow, no matter how much or how little I have going on in a week, it still feels HECTIC. That’s probably because I have a 3 year old and a 15 month old…but still. There’s a restlessness in my soul that I know should be calmed and subdued by Christ’s Peace. If I let him it will be I’m sure. But I’m not sure how to let him sometimes.

I hate feeling harried by the circumstances. I hate when the chaos in my exterior life finds its way into my interior life and leaves me huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf. The answer that comes to me, so simple and yet so challenging.

“Walk by the Spirit.”

Please Jesus. I want to. I need to. For the sake of my soul and the peace in our home and in my heart I need to start learning the habit of walking by the Spirit.

But my pride rebels. Part of me hates the idea of walking up each day and immediately asking for help. I want to be able to do it. But this past week is a testament to the fact that I can’t.

Grace in the flesh yells at her children. Her patience is about a match stick long. She is disrespectful to her husband, selfish with her friends and doesn’t worship the One True God as he deserves to be worshiped. And lets be honest; she doesn’t have a lot to be joyful about either.

So, if you’re reading this on a Sunday night; if you are feeling as tired and world weary as I am, lets walk a new way this week. THE WAY. He’s there to help us make it.

If you want a resource you should check out this sermon our Pastor gave last week about walking by the spirit. It was super equipping and encouraging.

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