Every light counts

It’s still dark. But 6 am feels beautiful when the coffee is brewing and the children are still asleep. I’m listening to the crackling of my wood wick candle and looking at the reflection of my Christmas tree in the glass of the back door. The reflection of those little lights wouldn’t even be there without the darkness. They’d  be invisible.

But here in the pre-dawn dark, every light counts.

Today is December 1; the first day of Advent. 25 more days until the day we celebrate our Savior’s birth. And I know I’m not publishing on here regularly enough to develop a following. I know I’m not using the social media platforms right. But I’m tired of the rat race and the hurry the internet creates in my soul. So for these 25 days I want to do something different. I want to post what the advent is doing in my soul. And enjoy it; if it helps.  But this is my house; I’m the Sparrow in the Nest. And when you come here you are sitting at my kitchen table watching the candle flicker with me.

I won’t promise profundity. Or even that it’ll be enjoyable. But something in me is saying, “Take the challenge! Write every day of Advent and see what happens!”

Maybe some day my words will be like the light of my Christmas tree in the near dawn dark. Every light shining for what it’s worth. Every light making it’s small yet not inconsequential difference to the world around it.






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