The Sparrow’s Nest

Those of you who have been around this blog for a little while will undoubtably notice that I just rebranded this sight as The Sparrow’s Nest. (Formerly, Reflections of Grace). While of course, I liked the old site title, I have been thinking of this blog and my thoughts here as “The Sparrow’s Nest” for awhile, and just felt it was time for a focus shift. I feel I have outgrown the title “Reflections of Grace”, and because of my current state of life, I feel that a peek inside the nest; whatever we find there, is more accurate a description of what you can expect on this blog at this time. The Reflections were great, but that was for when I had more than a few scraps of moments strung together to make a post; that was back before my nest was actually FULL of sweet little babes. Reflections implies something a bit more tidy and put together than I feel I can offer right now. And I’ve always loved birds anyways.

So welcome to The Sparrow’s Nest. It might be messy in here. Or we may have just vacuumed. These posts are a peek inside the mind of a very frazzled Mama Sparrow, who knows that God will not let her fall apart from his will. (Matthew 10:29-31) This is a grace place. I need it just as much as you do. Let’s journey with him together; there’s more than enough for us all.

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