God; the Holy Sanitation Worker

I’m sitting outside on my front porch, and it’s Wednesday. Trash day. And as I reflect upon the sinful condition of the human soul, and watch the garbage trucks barreling down the street before me, I had an odd but interesting thought. God is like the Holy Sanitation worker of our Souls. He wants to take our garbage; to haul it out of our presence and so far away that we will never see it again. But he can’t take it by force. We have to put it in the bin first. We can’t get rid of it ourselves, but we do need to admit that we want to get rid of it, and be willing to do whatever it takes to part company with the garbage we have been keeping in our homes (our souls). Ultimately God does the heavy lifting, we just need to be willing.

So I’ll keep this short and sweet. What do you need to throw into the bin today?  About what do you need to say, “God, please take this, I don’t want or need it anymore”? Can we allow him into our souls to do that Holy work of hauling sin away piece by nasty piece?

It isn’t pretty. But the sanitation worker doesn’t see the empty can as a sign of a clean house. No; he sees an empty can and knows that that house is full of garbage. 

One thought on “God; the Holy Sanitation Worker

  1. Allan R. Morton, Jr.

    Might I say that one of the biggest challenges I have is chasing the trash truck down the road regretting that I let something go. “Man, I might need that again” I said to myself. Ufta. God help me to quit dumpster diving…

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