Remembrances for the Weary

Well, here we are. It’s Friday morning and if you’re like me, you might be feeling a little weary. Friday is that day where we celebrate the coming weekend, even as we look back on the past week and say, “Thank goodness that’s over!” The let down is necessary, but how much does life really slow down over a weekend? Especially if you have children, can I get an AMEN? And the weekend can often be an opportunity for the evil one to weasel his way in and whisper lies which inevitably make Monday morning that much harder. We must always be on our guard. Always fighting the good fight.

So let me arm you, Brothers and Sisters, if you are weary in doing good like I am. What you need to REMEMBER are these five things:

  1. Remember Who you serve. (He’s a King.)
  2. Remember how he saved you. (While you hated him.)
  3. Remember his daily faithfulness. (Even while you doubt.)
  4. Remember his power. (He raises the dead.)
  5. Remember that he empowers you by his spirit to do the work he has laid before you TODAY.

Happy Friday. May you walk into your weekend with a heart to serve; and let that heart be motivated by a pure FEAR of the LORD, and a memory of his great love for you.

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