Ellie will be ONE next Friday…

In one week, my baby will be one.

Saying Hello to our friend Haley, a fabulous photographer in Fort Collins.

Link to Haley’s website: http://www.haleyhendricksonphotography.com/ 

She's getting to be so beautiful...

She’s getting to be so beautiful…

So my baby is turning ONE…in exactly 7 days. I’ve been a little bummed being out here in Wisconsin because none of her little friends from Colorado will be able to come say Happy Birthday, and the new friends she has made here are mostly going to be busy/out of town/family in town etcetera. So I’m bummed because it’s probably going to be a very, very small party. But then again, she won’t remember it.  She won’t remember this whole first year. But I will forever remember it as the first of many joyful years with my sweet Ellie girl in my life.  I suspect this next week will be filled with many reflections about this special girl’s birthday, provided of course, that she isn’t driving me crazy and I actually have time to write.  Until then, here are a couple pictures from when Ellie was much, much littler. 😉 Enjoy!


Ellie on the day she was born, (post Mommy taking a shower!)

Ellie being held by her Daddy for the first time.

Ellie being held by her Daddy for the first time.

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