New Places, New Faces

Hello from Milwaukee Wisconsin! As many of you know, Willy, Ellie and I just moved out here at the end of last month as Willy is fulfilling a one year service contract for a customer of the company he works for in Fort Collins.  Things have been going smoothly; it’s  been raining a lot and a bit gloomy, but the baby finally has her own room and has been sleeping through the night consistently (YAY!) which means, instead of needing to use nap time for a nap, I can now use it to actually WRITE instead! HOORAH!  I am really hoping that time year here can be a year of awesome productivity for me, but lately I have been fairly distracted by unpacking and my desperate quest for friendship.  (Yes, desperate is the right word.)  I know that God has things for me here, but sometimes it’s hard to remember that when most of the people that I care about are 1,000 miles away.  I felt like a little girl last week. *Stomp Stomp* “But I don’t WANT to make new friends, I want my OLD ONES!”  (Yes dear friends,  if you are reading this, I MISS YOU!) But this is the hard work that I need to keep practicing. Asking questions, finding out what really matters at the heart of a person, talking about Jesus, loving on people in the ways that they receive love.  And I’m sure that as I start with a blank slate here in Milwaukee, that God will reveal to me some things about myself that I need to learn, and that I will also learn how to be a better friend to my friends back home.  What I really need right now is a huge, heaping dose of humility, and bravery. I have things to learn here! And the friends I make here have things to teach me! And I really do want that, but sometimes it’s scary.

I told my husband this weekend as we were taking a walk that I want to miss this place.  And I do! I want to love it here, to make good memories here with my family, to learn something about God here.  But only time will make those things happen, and I think I am running low on patience. New place and new faces take some getting used to. It’s hard to get outside of your comfort zone, but I know that God is stretching me.  He’s teaching me to trust Him, to be humble, to be brave; and those are lessons that will benefit me in Fort Collins Colorado just as well as they do here in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  

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