9 months of Writer’s Block

So as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been quiet for quite a while…and as you may have gleaned from the poem, there was a certain little person involved in this quite space… allow me to introduce you to Elizabeth Joy Kelley, or “Ellie” as she is fondly called by those who love her. Born October 24th, 2013.

"Ellie"; 3 1/2 weeks old

“Ellie”; 3 1/2 weeks old

She is my Sunshine.  But for some reason I found myself, during my season of expecting, in a perpetual state of writer’s block.  And then in the exhaustion and hurry of the newborn months, I rarely found time to write.  The poem that I posted earlier this week is finally finished, but it was begun a few months after her birth, as my words slowly began to return to me.  The thing is, that there is so much to say…and so little that I know how to say well…I was afraid to write. And I found myself in the midst of a great storm, unable to say “Lord save me” as the Apostle Peter did as soon as he began to sink. (Matthew 14:28-31) God is so gracious.  These past few months he has been softening my heart and revealing to me my own lack of Faith. I didn’t have my eyes fixed on Jesus, and “when [I] saw the wind, [I] was afraid”(v.29), and because I was afraid I stopped believing what was true and I stopped trusting Him.  He has been bringing me back to himself, slowly but surely (I am a stubborn one), and now, it is Time.  Time to write again, because that is how I think and learn, and that is one of the ways God has given me to worship Him.

If you are reading this, thank you.  I am looking forward to sharing Reflections about Life, and the One who makes it worth the Living, with you, again.

4 thoughts on “9 months of Writer’s Block

  1. nchomeschoolmom

    I’m certainly not the writer you are, but I can surely relate to having so much to say but not knowing how to get it out. I feel the same way about my time with Mama. I so want to write about, but don’t know where to start and wonder if anyone even cares what I have to say. Who am I writing it for anyway?

    1. gracielizmk

      Sometimes you just need to start typing… just put some words on the paper. Even if what first comes out is HORRIBLE eventually you will stumble upon the words that feel right. I like to call this “scaffolding”; something you need to build with, but will later be taken out to make way for something much more magnificent. People do care! I certainly do and I’m not the only one. You have stories to share that anyone who has loved and lost with connect with. Even if you don’t write it for anyone else, write it for yourself. 🙂

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