A Belated Holiday Reflection

Hello everyone!  My Christmas tree is still up so I hope it’s not too late for you if I make a few belated holiday reflections.  In the midst of the post-holiday let down, I hope that this post encourages you.  Christmas is a time of year that should stick with us because if we are in Christ and He is us, then Emmanuel— God with us—is still the season today on January 5th, 2012.  I would like to share a few thoughts about what God has been teaching me through this lingering Christmas season.

This year I was incredibly touched by the Little Drummer Boy song which I used to think was weird. 😉  I was like HEY! there was no drummer boy mentioned in Luke 2!!  But I am happy to report that as of this year, I finally get it.  And I’m sure it dawned on you faster than it did on me, but we are the little drummer boys.  We have nothing worthy to bring before a king, but we play or best for him, and he smiles at us.  All for you KING JESUS!  That is the drum beat of our hearts as we live each day to praise and serve him, not in the “showy” things we do, but in every…. literally EVERY breath we take we are to praise His name and do it all for Him.  This is a lesson that He has certainly been trying to teach me lately.  I realize that in the cage of my perfectionism I can do all the right things for all the terribly terribly wrong reasons, but if I do everything…every tiny teeny thing for Him alone, He smiles at me.

I have realized recently that this “doing it all for King Jesus” thing is not only for Him and His glory either, though that of course it a huge part of it.  But we were made for this kind of worship because it is GOOD for US.  Weird to think about isn’t it?  Doing everything for Jesus is actually Better for US.  Why?  Because when I focus on doing everything for Him, it forces me to acknowledge on a daily basis that I am broken and that I cannot even DO everything for Him on my own power, when I give Him all the glory for my success and let lie my supposed failures; it is then that I find peace and security in His unconditional and everlasting Emmanuel love for me.  Because *radical concept* He Loved ME enough to come in Human form, in the form of a Baby, to DIE for ME and this He did already knowing how I would fail, how I would succeed, and how I would congratulate myself for successes that did not belong to me at all.  He knew already the pain that I would put Him through in the constant battle of accepting His love and trusting Him, but then turning once again to my own devices which demonstrated that my trust only lay in my fallible self, and that I believe the terrible lie that I must be Perfect to be Loved.

But despite all this He came.  And He is among us now; Emmanuel, God with us, and that kind of Christmas is for every day.  If that isn’t good news I don’t know what is!  So this is my new life resolution;  to live every day conscious of my need for Christ, of His great love for me, and for every breath I take to be an act of worship to Him.  But I am… imperfect.  The even greater news of this new life resolution is that His love for me does not depend on my perfection and every mistake I make will force me to love the Lord God more for His inestimable mercy, and to thank Him even more with my drum, with my little gifts, from the depths of my unworthy heart.

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