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Hello everyone, I just wanted to thank you for tuning back into my blog since I have been so MIA recently.  And I wanted to take a post to write about writing.

I have learned a heck of a lot this semester, especially since I have been taking three writing classes, two of which were Intermediate Poetry and Intermediate Creative Non-fiction.  I enjoyed both of those very much, but I must say that it’s been interesting juggling the two very different disciplines within the field of creative writing, and then the additional discipline of a Composition class.  I think it’s safe to say after this semester that I AM A WRITER!  Isn’t that exciting?

I’ve gotten pretty jazzed when learning about how to publish, how to get an agent, write a query letter etcetera… but the most important thing I have learned this semester would probably be that you won’t get it right the first time.  Writing seems to me now a challenge entirely constructed of sheer will power to try, try, try again.  It isn’t about the first draft, it may not even be about the second draft.  You may be five drafts in before you get the piece just the way you want it to be.  And that’s okay.  It’s about attentive re-writing; that’s what can make or break your stories, your poems, etcetera.

Of course that isn’t to say that every once in a while you won’t have a moment of divine inspiration where it seems like a lazer beam just shot out of heaven and zapped your brain with a brilliant idea.  I know that’s happened to me a few times. 😉  But, the humility that it requires to submit your drafts to the careful attention of a fellow writer, to take the critiques both good and bad; to plug through for a second draft even when you feel like you might as well throw the whole story about because it sucks….  that’s tough.  That’s perseverance!

I don’t think I ever really realized how much perseverance there would need to be.  And that is certainly something that God has been teaching me this semester through my writing classes;  that we have to persevere.  That if we make a mistake, the only thing to do is to try to mend it as best you can.  We are all clumsy creatures, and it doesn’t help that we place so much undue pressure on ourselves to be perfect, when in fact, we never ever will be.

So to all you writers out there; do it from your heart—and don’t be afraid to go back, fix tweak as you need.  We will almost never get it right the first time.  And that’s okay.

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