The Seventh Day

Howdy Everyone!  I am writing from Osage Beach Missouri where I have been since last friday night on a reunion trip with my Dad’s side of the family.  It has been a good trip so far, including various ‘daring do’s’ such as wake boarding, tubing and cliff jumping. Noah caught three small fish and let them go.  We made a quote board for all the funny things that people might say throughout the week, and I reckon we have at least five up there by now.  Everyone has been lazing around, and I don’t think that I have slept this much since…. I don’t know when!

I guess it’s easy to sleep when you’re on a vacation because there is nothing that really NEEDS to be done.  Nothing that presses you.  Nothing that commands your attention or demands your time.  I think that that is probably one of the things that we love, and need most about vacation:  Time.  Time to read. Time to talk. Time to reflect.  Time to play.  Time to relax.  Time to just BE.

How often do we wake up in the morning, and just BE?  For those of you fellow perfectionists out there, I know I speak for all of us when I say, NOT MUCH.  Even typing this all out I am beginning to think “how lazy! how unproductive!” as I describe what we are all enjoying on this vacation.  But there is something to be said for it, though I am sure I will be happy to get back to the regular rhythm of my productive life. There is something to be said for just being.  For just having the luxury of TIME to be.

I imagine that this is how it was in the garden; before sin came into the world, before we had to work to sustain ourselves.  It was just man and God, eating from the plenty of the garden, and walking together in the cool of the day.  There was all the time in the world,  and they just Were.  Together.  I’m sure that that is why, in every place around the world, there is some form of rest, of relaxation, of Being; wherever there is humanity.  We were meant for it, and it for us.  A Sabbath rest for the seventh day.

So, if you can, let yourself just be. We are about to leave this wireless hotspot, so I will have to force myself to Be.  I hope you will too.

One thought on “The Seventh Day

  1. Jan

    That’s what a vacation should be. Sometimes I wish I could be on vacation at home and feel like that. We need that in the busyiness of life, so we can breathe and think and Be. 🙂 Thank you Grace, you make me think deeper! I love you in my life!

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