Words, words, words….

Hello everyone: the week is over, and the Lord has been teaching me a lot in each day about the importance of words.  In this past week I have used my words to speak truth to a dear friend; I have encouraged and built new friends, and I have held back some comments that tempted my tongue because I knew the potential pain they could bring.  Life and Death people; life and death.

Now it’s your turn!  A few of you made the commitment within the last week to think about your words and the ways that you can use them to bring life or death to people, so in the comment section below go ahead and leave your story.  When everyone has posted I will try to comment and possibly will post a final blog to wrap up this topic.  Thank you everyone for your support and for your worthy word contributions to this blog.

One thought on “Words, words, words….

  1. Allan R. Morton, Jr.

    I had good experiences and some not so good. The fact is I have a habit of putting my brain in neutral with my mouth still in gear. Sometimes the consequences were not so pretty. Though when that happened I did go back and make things right.

    This week though I lost a friend on FB because there was an alleged lack of integrity on one friend’s part against another. I tried to step in the middle to help bring understand and reconciliation. Didn’t end so well. But sometimes that happens. Some people just choose to be angry, upset, and feel wronged (even if they aren’t). Not exactly sure why. I think its a power play thing. The moral of the story is that even though I DID try to be redemptive, some people will not choose to let it happen for their own reasons. I have to be ok with that.

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