I apologize once again for my delayed posting.  I have been getting so caught up in the daily grind; in the cleaning and the making dinner and the homework and the needs of my friends.  All these things are good, I just am caught up—- and I am ground down.

I need to take time to hear the birds outside my window; to go for a walk, to paint or to have an extra long quiet time. I need to take time to write— there is a poem lurking in my heart at this very moment, but I have not taken the time to write it down.

I’m sure there are many of you out there who are feeling the same way I am feeling; like there isn’t enough time for anything—- where does it all go?  You look back at the hours spent and wonder what you did with them.  You second guess how you spend each moment, just as I will be second guessing writing this blog a few hours from now.  You wish you could hold time by the neck and tell him to give you a break!  If I were more eloquent, I would do battle with Time as Shakespeare did. It was one of the most common themes throughout his sonnets and plays;  especially his tragedies.

But alas… time is (still) out of the control of our greedy little hands, and it probably always will be.  So today… rest.  Take a few moments just to rest.  Even as you are reading this blog right now…. breathe in……. breathe out…… rest, and remember the one who made you and the beautiful world around you and be thankful that he is there for us… anytime.

2 thoughts on “Time

  1. gabiruth

    Thanks, Gracie:) I’m always fighting time…it makes me excited for eternity because time won’t exist. we can sit in a meadow and soak in beauty for a minute, a day, 1000 years and we won’t know the difference because we will just be Resting in His eternity…it’s going to be wonderful

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