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Your business has a story—let Grace Kelley help you tell it.

What gets you excited? What makes your eyes light up? When you think of your business and your ideal customer, you may know instinctively who you want to serve and how your services can help them, but how do you communicate that in a way that connects with your ideal audience? Written communication and compelling content are the key to successful marketing and customer relationships, but not everyone has the bandwidth or the skill to do this well—and thats okay!

At Grace Kelley Writes, I believe that we all have different gifts. Let me do the writing, so that you can do what only YOU can do in all the other parts of your passion filled business.

What my clients are saying…

Grace writes a weekly newsletter for our farm that everyone enjoys. Several customers have mentioned how much they look forward to the newsletter and our busiest day is always the day following the receipt of the newsletter. She has a very welcoming style of writing.

Debi Miller, On the Vine at Richmond Farms

I am taking on new projects now—feel free to reach out to me via the email link below. I look forward to hearing about your project!

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